Life Coaching or just "Coaching" seems to be one of those terms that few really understand. Coaching can mean different things to different people.  Below I will tell you how I approach coaching in my practice.

I named my practice "Empartnerment" because it combines two very power ideas - "Empowerment" and "Partnership".  Sometimes it helps clients to know that someone else has "Been there", has had similar experiences, and has managed to navigate hard times or bounce back from trauma or tragedy. Everyone, including myself, have their share of tales to tell and stories we tell ourselves that keep us from moving forward.

In my coaching sessions we employ some practical tools and cognitive interaction in order to brainstorm and come up with strategies one can use to navigate whatever conditions they happen to be facing.  Sometimes a coaching session will simply focus on a current life condition. We can discuss work situations, relationship strategies, and anything that appears to be holding a client in a state that does not serve their goals and desires.

Simply put - my coaching sessions consist of a lot of discussion, the introduction of new ideas and tools, and access to my 45 years of life experience, education, and knowledge so that you may begin to shift your limiting beliefs, see a wider range of options and possibilities, and start realizing your goals.

Coaching sessions can be in person or via phone or skype. A client can also choose to incorporate hypnosis and/or Reiki into their coaching package, or we can simply use the cognitive tools and objective planning strategies that come from our sessions.

Hypnotherapists are not licensed healing arts practitioners. Some  conditions require a medical or psychological referral.